Corporate Communication

Brand Communication

Community Relations

Public & Government Affairs

Digital PR

Workshops & Skill Development

  • Corporate Communication

    Client input is crucial for a successful communications strategy.
    That’s why we Team - Up with our clients to develop and execute strategies that will help build, strengthen, and protect their image and reputation.
    We embolden the image you want to portray, and the message you want heard by both public and internal audiences.
  • Brand  Communication

    Connecting Brands' key messages with their target audience.
    We find ways to capitalize on momentum through creative ways of communicating
  • Community Relations

    We act as a liaison to negotiate with community locals and neighborhood residents, helping our clients implement their key Community Projects and Grass Roots Movements.
     Your Social Responsibility Programs are vital to your brands’ communities, we’ll help you build them, and get them going.
    Mapping the decision-making
    players in your industry
    Identifying Risks
    Managing Conflicts
    Reaching National, Regional
    and Local levels
    Developing Social Responsibility
    Programs (CSR)
  • Public & Government Affairs

    Our team of experts in the field of Public Affairs help both individuals and organizations plan out a communications-based strategy to approach key government figures.
    In addition, we offer continuous oversight, insight and identification of risks and opportunities within the government's spectrum.
  • Digital PR

    We take the Creative Components your Brand requires and:
    Develop and Implement Digital Marketing Strategies for your Social Channels.
    Stay In the Loop with viral trends
    Broker Relationships with Social Media Influencers and Trend-Setters
    Monitor and Measure traction and results.
    Crisis Management
  • Workshops & Skill Development

    We work hand in hand with our clients to develop an integral Crisis Management Playbook fit to their needs..
    If there is a crisis present, we offer advice to manage the reputation and restore the brand image.
    We offer courses, seminars, and workshops to help our clients craft their communication skills such as:
    Media Training.
    Public Speaking and Presenting
    Crisis management.
    Crisis Seminar
  • But can our friends come too?

    Through the years, we've built a strong network of friendships and relationships with the “Who´s – Who” of the Media. We help our Clients, and their Brands successfully reach out to and collaborate with our Influencer andTrend-Setting friends.
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